November 29, 2021

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SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

The beauty secrets of Japanese Women that keeps them and their skin ever young, wrinkles free, glowing, shining, tight, beautiful and Happy

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, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

Japanese Women are world famous for their ageless beautiful skin, look and life long skin care with natural tricks and treatments.

The main supportive factor that works for keeping their skin clean, clear, tight and glowing is their geographical position and genetic conditions, but also one more thing is that Rice. Yes The Rice that we eat daily. The natural rice.

Japanese ladies use tricks and techniques using rice, that keeps their skin very bright and glowing and it also keeps their skin ever healthy. Let us see how they make it possible by just using rice or adding it to other things.​

Japanese Women use a magical mixture of Milk, Honey and Rice Powder / Rice Flour.

​They make a paste that contains mixture of 2 spoon of rice powder, 3 table spoon of milk and half spoon of honey, that is it. And then they paste it (massage) on their face for few minutes.

Anti-oxidants that are in Rice and Vitamins and Minerals that are in milk and honey adds to the facial beauty and brightness all over.

Lets see the advantages of using this home made, easily and affordable facial now;

It makes your skin and face very bright and adds to the softness of your facial skin especially.

It tightens your skin and keeps your skin wrinkle free and so you look ageless beauty.

It removes dullness and dryness from your skin so that your face will look glowing.

It helps to remove dark spot, around eyes circles and other dirt from the face so that your face will start shining within a week only.

It protects from sun toning and so it helps to remove dark circles from the face.

So just use this magical facial mixture to keep your face and skin ever healthy, shining, beautiful, ageless, wrinkle free and ever young and be happy, rather than using man made artificial make ups that ruins your natural skin for life.

We hope this article is helpful and useful for you. We will keep you posting and update on this topic.


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