December 4, 2021

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SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

Just eat few leaves (leafs) of kadvaa (bitter) Neem and it will always protect you from these many deceases issue and health problems while keeping you happy and healthy for life

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, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

Neem Tree or Neem Leaves are the very common in our daily life and surroundings, but in fact very few of us know the real benefits and advantages that it gives to human life since ages. From our elders to grand fathers to Sadhus were well aware of it and Need was being used on daily routine basis to keep the health happy and free of any deceases or infections and any such health issues.

Recently National Institute of health From U.S.A. published a study where in it was studies that leaves of Neem can fights with Cancel Cells and Tumors and stops them from growing in human bodies, and also removes cells of Cancer etc from the root itself.

Kadavaa (bitter) Neem is an Ayurved medicine which gives lots of benefits to humans all over. It is so good for our hair, skin and all over the body. It may be kadavaa in taste but very sweet for our natural health keeping. We can protect our health from lots of such deceases and health issues by using Neem in our routine or when required at least. Each and every part of Neem tree like leaves, flower and woods are so beneficial that it protects us from any type of fungal or bacteria also.

Let’s see the benefits of chewing 4-5 Neem leaves daily.​


The Glycoprotein that is in Neem leaves stops cancer cells from growing. To do that you should properly chew 4 to 6 leaves every morning with empty stomach.


Neem leaves works as natural insulin regulator and so it regulates and helps to control diabetes at maximum level. To do that you should chew few leaves properly or better if you drink the juice made of tender Neem leaves.


The Neem leaves highly contains fiber, proteins, fat and amino acids that saves our body from constipation problems at greater level while you use it when you fee health problems like that. To do that you should chew few Neem leaves properly or you can boil few leaves with hot water by mixing few drops of honey and drink it, and you will see your health fit and fine.​


Neem leaves are full of medical compounds like nimbidol and gedunin which helps to keep your healthy and shining. For that just make a paste of Neem leaves by adding little water in it and paste it on skin where you want and you will your skin relaxed, itch free and glowing.


The Neem is full of powerful nimbidin that blows blood vessels wide and helps to easy transmission of blood everywhere and chest in the body and helps to control High BP. For that you must chew few leaves of Kadavaa Neem every morning and evening.


Neem helps our body to maintain its acidic level in control and so it helps to cure ulcer. For that you can make liquid paste ( ukaado) of neem Chhaal (powder) and few leaves and can drink it when you feel pain in your body.


The antibiotics elements in Neem leaves helps to fight and finish the worms in stomach so that you feel relaxed and easy. For that you should make a paste of Neem leaves and by adding little honey into it and eat.


The antibacterial elements fights and cure dandruff problems from the roots only. You can boil water with Neem leaves and make a paste and wash your head / hairs with that and you will see them dandruff free and shining and healthy.​


If you have burn your hand any any part of your body by accident or so, you can use Neem leaves to cure that because antibacterial elements in Neem leaves helps a lot to cure woulds or burns happened to you on your body parts. For that you can mix Kapoor (camphor) with Neem leaves and make a paste and apply where you want on your body part.


Full of antibacterial elements, Neem is the best option for acne, pimples, zits, etc. For just boil Neem leaves in coconut water and once it cools down, just paste it on acne etc and over the face and you will see your skin coming back to natural shiny healthy again.

We hope this article is helpful and useful for you. We will keep you posting and update on this topic.


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