October 18, 2021

SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

How to fully approve your website or blog with Google Adsense very easily in just few days only

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, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

There are lots and lots of rules, regulations, principles, notes, advises, blog forums and expertise to approve your website or blog with Google Adsense, which is very tough to approve and it take much time as per everyone believes. General belief among people or developers is that one should approach to Adsense only after 180 days age of website, and after that only Adsense take your website in to consideration for approval, subject to proper design, concept, quality and quantity of visitors etc many things and all. But actual scenario and reality is far away from all these beliefs.So lets find out the various sure shot ways to approve your website with Google Adsense in no time :)​


Let me first give you a very live example and proof of this website WWW.INDIARIGHTNOW.COM. I created this website in December 2016. And you won’t believe but Google Adsense approved my website in first approach only within 30 days of the launch of website and registration of the domain. I visited and studied so many blogs, Google Policies, expert views, experience stories of others and much more work before approaching Adsense. I thought it won’t be easy to approve it because I was confused only because I read so many negative thoughts and stories which were threatening that Adsense is not easy and they are so rude and tough and blah blah.

But I was confident upon my hard work and had full faith on Google that if I am right on my way, I will get sweet result and get through. At the end of month I was accurately ready with my website and finally I submitted it to Adsense for approval, and to the surprise, it was fully approved in first attempt only. You must be thinking how I made it right :), I will tell you how :First thing you will definitely need is patience and hard work with lots of punitiveness and hope and faith over your work as well as on google. You must prepare yourself fully before you start working on it. And I am sure that once you will follow the steps which I am going to advice you, you will 101 % get approval from Google Adsense at first attempt only. Than too if you need any personalized assistance over it, you can CONTACT ME anytime and I would be glad to help you as soon as possible. So let’s start and see how to get it sure shot approve at once


First thing you need to take into consideration is that you always should go with your own personal domain name as well as host and register it legally online. If you will use any type of sub domain and will send it for approval, you are lost and you will not get any approval that is what I think, unless your work is something extra ordinary that catches the eye of Google. You must register and use proper legal, good and logical domain which describes niche of your website’s actual logic and content. Also you must register your domain on your won or company name with proper contact and address details (because it will need and help a lot while google Adsense will go to check genuinity of your website and your’s genuinity also). If you will have your original domain name with your ownership over it, it will add a help to get it approved easily, just because it will be a verification that you or your website are not fake and made with some clear intention. It will add trust.​


Google Adsense will go ahead on checking your website only after they can see that your website is attractive and clearly visible quality wise and seems beautiful and stuffs are placed well on the first page followed by other pages. They will also check the movement of website, means how easy it for the user to navigate throughout your website, and how the user is able to find any such related stuff on website with a ease. You must be so serious about these placements and designing of your website. It must be ready with cool stuff, proper heading, bullet listing etc if required by, proper encoding, proper margins and do not be full of unnecessary stuffs and menus and contents and advertisements.​

Just suppose if as a user, if you visit some website and you finds very dark backgrounds and dark unreadable non user friendly fonts over it or if you see very very bright back ground and so light colored fonts over it, will you be able to read? No. And what if there will be a lots of grammatical mistakes also harass you while you read and feel it hard to understand it. So what you will do. Either you will shit that website or once you finish what you wanted to, you will shut and won’t ever visit that site again.

Same applies here while Adsense starts to approve your website. They will also look for how fair and sweet it looks like to users and GOOGLE too. Moreover, Google has explained in their new policies that If you have a blog and your website domain matches with the blogspot name or so, then chances are you will get approved quickly. ​


You must use 101 % genuine and of your own creation and words and content before you ever apply to Adsense. If you will copy paste others’ work and will display it on your website, than it is 100 % sure that you will never ever get approval from Adsense for life time and its guarantee that they will never ever entertain you in future also, no matter how many times you request them with same domain or blogs. Google is strictly against the copy right breach. If you think that there are trillions articles and contents world wide and how Google will have time and knowledge to catch you only out of those trillions, than you are the number one fool out of those. Google is number 1 in web ratings worldwide with genius people managing it since start and they are having so smart system that they will catch your fraud or copying withing fraction of seconds you know. And they will banned you forever for misbehaving with their principles and rules. So do not ever try to make Google fool or you will be in list of fools for ever.

So always be the original author and always use your own thinking, writing, content, articles and everything that is there on your website. It will boost your chances to get approved with Adsense, not only that you will also come to know about your talent also and will find a great writer and thinker in you. And most of all, if you have talent to catch eyes by your content, it will automatically attract eyes and you will see visitors flowing over your website and you will see genuine traffic also, and it will give a reason to google to approve your website because it is genuine in content. If you are applying for a blog, than make sure it must be having at least 20 to 25 blogs and pages with proper content and designing, and same applies to website also, it must be full of few or at least 5 to 6 pages with proper programming, grammar, content and us friends designing.​


As I already explained above about content of website, here is let me tell you about insufficient content. IF you have made very good beautiful website with good content and intention is it good thing, but if your website lacks insufficient content, chances are there that it will surely be rejected. Insufficient content means your website must be full of long, detailed, well placed content with good topic and heading and parameters and paragraphs. If you are lazy enough to wrap up your thought and writing in short and sweet, it will affect it badly and your web page will lack sufficient content and quantity of words or paragraphs or writing that is at least required on each page rather than to make it full of other unwanted stuffs like placing advertisements and banners and buttons everywhere and make it congested. Rather you should try to have lots of and enough content over each page. The ratio of content should minimum be 60 to 65 % in comparison to other stuffs. If you are done with it, your chances to get Adsense approval has become very high.


You must go through various and latest Adsense policies, T&C and rules and regulations before applying for approval. If you fails to follow their rules, it is damn sure your website will be rejected on the spot. You can visit google Adsense and link on options to read their policies or you can get it easily over internet also.

The main things are all common and same and there are no hard and fast rules as they scares you over internet forums and blogs. Just see that your website has original content and ideas and not breaching any copy right rules, and you have not written anything which you copied from other websites or news etc. Not only this, your content must be meaningful in nature. There must not be any hidden things or criteria or everything must be clear and sensible also. If your website lacks clear navigation, illegal content, if you have misplaced keywords or have put excessive keywords than required, if website is facing improper coding, placements of advertisements, bad user experience than you will never get approval at even 10th attempt also.​


When you register any domain, you will get to have 1 to 3 email IDs which you can use along with your domain name. For example if you have registered a domain ABCXYZ.COM than you can create an email ID of that like :  or so. And make it sure you place this contactable email ID and your contact number over a contact page also, and be sure it must be visible and accessible to visitors. So it will have great impression while you submit it as your contact details to Adsense.

They will become sure that you are not using any sub-domain and also not using free services for your website. It will be surety for them that you have ownership of your website and email ID etc and you are genuine enough to get approval. It will also give a feel that your are caring a lot and ready enough to get any request or prepared to help to your website or blog users and visitors. Google will also become sure that you are genuine and it is easy to contact you as the details provided are correct, and can be seen by anyone and it is verified too and once you apply to google with same details, it will also be considered by them that you only are the same person is owner of these stuffs and applying in person yourself. It will clear your way to getting approval very easily.​


Website map must be easily accessible from any page of your website or at least from one such page. Because when someone visits your website, logically he would have come to look after something without wasting much time. So he will obviously look after shortest way to find what he wants on your website, and so if you will guide him by a map of your website along with a proper link of the pages he wants to visit, it will add more ease for him to find it and he would also like to bookmark it or visit again. It reflects easiness and comfort that will be taken into consideration by Adsense when you apply for it.​


This is the most and really most important part of website to get approval on Adsense. Without this page Privacy Policy page, google may never approve your website no matter how many times you try to get through. Once you have places this page, it denotes some meaning like you are a genuine website and you or your website are not scam or spam type of things, as well as it reflects that you are a valid user or maker and it adds sense to your individuality and business and purpose of your website or blogs. user can also get an idea by going through these that what they should do or not do by using your website and they will become aware of rules, policies, regulations, confidentiality and / or compliance of your website and your work.

​It shows google that how serious you are about your website and your work as well as for your visitors at large, and so they will at least think to approve your website for Adsense earning.


When you fill up form for account opening for Adsense or other stuffs for google, be honest and loyal enough to fit very exact and proper birth details and age. You must be 18+ at the age at the time of applying, otherwise this is not for you to start with. Google will think you are not mature enough to advice your visitors on website and they may think you can be immature and can write anything that is not in line with their policies at all. So just be honest to this thing and think that you are done with it to getting closer of getting approved by Adsense.​


Google Adsense is very strict regarding content of website. They will never leave it blank without thorough check over it. If your website or blog contains stuff related to porn, adult,Pirated and copies stuff, hacking or cracking education, provoking materials, gambling, crime / criminal activities, drugs or illegal things or thought like those than your Adsense approval will be rejected without any doubt for sure.


Selection of the language used on your website must be as per the list of languages allowed by google. You can go and check that list of languages that is listed on google Adsense help and support page and you can check whether your website languages is in that list or not. If you will use other languages than mentioned and allowed by goggle it will directly reject your website just because google is a automated system and it will not understand the grammar or stuff and language on your website at all. So be careful before you start typing anything and selecting language before you submit it for approval.

We hope this article is helpful and useful for you. We will keep you posting and update on this topic.


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