October 18, 2021

SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

How to earn and make MONEY online by using only Computer and Internet from Home

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, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

Today lots of genius people are making money only by sitting at home in front of laptop and earning in bulk in today’s digital world. It only require computer with internet connection, and most important thing is that your very precious time and patience at first place along with hard work with keeping alive your hopes and hunger to earn money. You may not earn a bit also initially for days or say for months also, but once you stick to it and hang on it, you will see fruits turning sweets with time, and if you push it with passion, the day may come when you earn in billions too. Do you know that many people have took it as their primary full time job and have made it their primary main source of income too. The very sweet thing about this is that you won’t have to wear tie or won’t have to reach office or you won’t have your rigid boss over you. Only you are the boss and you can earn as much as you can with this work. but again only it take and need is your passion, patience, hard work and hope.

So lets find out the various sure shot ways to earn and make money online by working from anywhere, anytime.


Till now, as per my opinion, Google Adsense is the most genuine, trustworthy and reliable way to earn steady and genuinely. But only thing you will need is that you website or blog etc must be approved and allowed by Google itself, if you succeed to do so, after that only you can start dealing with Adsense and start earning with it. Probably Adsense is the number one on rank for online earning with google advertising program.

Once your blog or website is approved by google Adsense, you can use your talent and expertise to make money by use of that system. Generally you will have to place the banner or other link advertisement on you website pages. You will get HTML etc codes from google Adsense website, then you will have to copy code and attach it to your HTML program, and soon after the ads will start appearing on your website pages. The earning depends mainly on how popular your website or blog is. If plenty of visitors will see your website ( on which you have placed Adsense ads), the more that chances you will earn money when they starts clicking on the ads that are being shown on the page. Earnings vary from ad to ad. Different type of ads earns you different type of income.

They work on PPC (Pay Per Click) system mainly, and little upon PPV (Pay Per View). There are so many example of people who earns in billions from Adsense. To have an Adsense, you will have to register on google by signing up with new or existing account. Once you have got the account, you will have to login to Adsense by using same ID, after that just link your blog or website URL, and follow the process to get approval from Adsense for that particular website. Than google will take few days to scrutinize and watch your website to check whether it match with the standards of Adsense rules and T&C. Once it is a match, google will approve your URL on temporary basis, and once you pass that round also than you will be fully approved. and you will then have to follow the steps I have mentioned above.​

But generally you should have your website at least 180 days older in age. This is not hard and fast rule (Because this website  was approved by google after only 23 days after it launched. Before you send your website for approval, just make sure your website is full of lots of text content, images, proper pages, genuine and very correct and current contact details of the owner and location, policy page, website map and all. Because google web machine will check all these required details at very first step before they approve your website fully.

After you start using Adsense on your website, you will not earn automatically or they won’t pour dollars on your head. You will have to work really very hard to go on earning. You may notice that you are not earning even 1$ also after so many days, but as you will work hard with dedication and promote your website on social media and as soon as visitors will start coming to your web, you will see earning meter rising from there. If you need any help regarding it, you can contact me.​


There are many ad networks like Adsense who gives almost same service and you can use them in little different ways as per their guidelines. Many ones like YAHOO, CHITIKA Etc.. are there in the market which gives you chance to earn online.

For ex; CHITIKA.COM is best one if you are not able to get your website approved by Google Adsense. Same as Adsense you will have to just get yourself and your website registered on Chitika but interesting things is that you won’t have to pass by any type of approval process. Once you are done with registration, you will get your account and advt. codes which you can use on your blog or website and start earning.


Affiliate marketing is another way to earn online without getting registered and to without by hanging onto to approval process. You can start this deal with many online E Commerce portals or mobile Apps like FLIPKART or AMAZON or like that. Once you are with them and get register, you will get codes and other help same way as Adsense and Chitika etc and just paste their banner advertisements codes and so on your website and you are on for earning bucks when any visitor on your website clicks on them and purchase something online. You will get certain % of the amount the visitor will spend.

This is because you became a medium for FLIPKART or AMAZON to raise their sale and business income, and so they will pay you your commission. There are chances that once your website become famous, you may earn more and more because if your website or famous than more and more visitors will see your advertisements on your website and they may click it if it appeals them and you start earnings once they buy something.​


Online Freelancing service have become so much popular among professionals and the one who are at distance from their company or work place or clients. Freelancing is typically like a temporary job or providing service for certain period of time, but online, not in person, and you won;t have to be present physically at all. You can work online for certain company pr individual or group and provide them your service, or you complete the task that has been given to you by them. You can say them your virtual client or virtual temporary boss. Once you finish the task properly and and as per their requirement and standard, you will get payment online.

There are many websites and all who will help you to find many online jobs, and you can find the best one as per your talent and your choice and confidence and you can apply for the same by sending them request. Once they approve your request, the will provide you some task ( on behalf of that virtual client ) and once you finish the same, you get money. But yes, before you select any contract, just be sure that the website or service provider is genuine and check their payment track records also, otherwise if they will be fraud, you will work hard for free and won’t get payment on time, or you may don’t get it only.


Data Entry job work is the most easiest and common as well as popular among online workers because of it’s simplicity and non complications. Any one literate or not, can work over this work by having only computer operating and some basic windows knowledge, that is it. Data entry work are of may types like feeding some data to some data or sheets, creating manual files from complicated files, differentiate some data from the whole data and to create fresh new data sheet, filling forms, correction and grammatical issue solving, filling data, conversion from one to other language in data and so on.​


This is one of the most popular but very risky source of income, where you can not be sure whether you will earn at the end of the day or month or not, if earn or loss than how much, you can’t be sure for that profit or risk too. Other online source of income gives you one thing almost sure that you will at least earn something after the hard work, but here you can not be sure and will not have surety or guarantee that you will get some benefit or income for sure, it will be upon your luck and play. But as it is like passion and shortest way along with lots of enjoyment, lots of rich people have made it their primary work after they earn some expertise over the game, but again they also are never sure how and when they will earn for sure, it is always a risk with high loss to high income in return.


Writing online is the most favorite and enjoyed work over the years by lots of people. If you have talent and passion for writing than you can also try your hands on it. You can write many thing like films, screenplay, dialogues, blogs, proofs, content, web articles, other news or articles, advice, thoughts etc and can share for free to all or can sell online. You can also enter into contract with many such companies who hire you for permanent level or on free lancing basis and pay you for your work that you write for them as per contract.


Web Designing mostly need some web designing and HTML type of knowledge first, but these days there are many development apps and webs and techniques by which you can create some webs without the knowledge. If you have great ideas or so, you can create one website over that thoughts or concept and can earn by opting Google Adsense etc. Or you can make it a profession to create website for other business houses and they pay you for that also, or you can also get some maintenance contract with the corporate or business houses and maintain the website for them on regular basis. You will have to create and made some changes and or updation according to the requirement of those business houses and clients. There are lots and lots of options by earning with the website or website designing which i have explained already how you can earn from your website.


SEO is the most powerful function / system today if you want to promote your website on priority basis on any search engines like Google or so. If you have set greatest keywords or meta tags or so called techniques as per the parameters and regulations of general Search Engines principles, chances are there that your website will appear most frequently and on first pages of search engines if any one searching out for the same things which you are promoting over your website ot blogs or anywhere by using SEOs. If you have got extreme expertise over SEO than your are gone far beyond others and corporate and others will run after you to take your service and they pay your diamond for that. But it takes lots of attention, dedication and hard work to become expert for SEO and once you have achieved that, you are ON


There are so many websites are there who provides different kind of jobs online. For Example there is FIVERR.COM where you can register yourself first and create a profile as per your talent, after that you can search jobs as per your talent or if someone see your profile and likes, he may hire you. Once you complete the task given to you, you will be paid as per pre-agreed price.


YouTube is the most popular ever till date for online earners. For example Lilly Singh from India and settled in US earns billions of $ from only YouTube Video channel of her. She uploads many things like dance videos, celebs interviews, tuition and much more entertaining stuffs. Other woman from India earns crores by just teaching how to cook variety of food dishes, or other one earns by just teaching dance steps online. there are million ways to earn on YouTube as per your talent and work and videos that you upload. If for example if your video is about small babies and if it becomes popular and being watched by many than companies and brands like Pamper pr Huggies Diapers will sponsor your video and YouTube will show their advertisement before your video starts or during it, and for that, the company will pay certain amount to YouTube and YouTube in turn will share that earnings with you. Go and try if you have something new to share with and to show to the world.


After years of internet revolution, this one is something different type of business which deals with domains. For example if you have book few domains online like XYZ.COM or MOONSTAR.COM but you are no using it, or rather you have just booked it on your name for nothing, but at the same time someone else need exactly that or those domains they can buy it from you at premium price. But for that you will have to place it for sale on some related website. You can find many such website over internet who provides these sort of domain trading service. For example if you booked XYZ.COM domain for 5$, you can place it for sale at 10$ and if someone agrees to buy for that, you can earn 5$ profit.



Like Domain trading, website dealing is almost same kind of business, where you can create some website, and maintain it well for say for 6 months to year or so. Duration depends from person to person and websites to websites. After this becomes little popular, it gets some value to it, some worth of it. And than you can place it for sell / sale for some offer price. If anyone finds it interesting and wants to own it, they pay you that amount and you can transfer the ownership to him. There are many such portals who provides platform for website dealing like FLIPPA.COM


Online tutor is exactly same as any normal teacher that you see around. Only difference is that Online Tutor won’t have to be present physically to teach and won’t be face to face in person, but everything will be only online. how far the tutor and student will be at, by using internet apps or techniques one can teach online by video calling or chat. For example you can go on for video chat (here tutorials) by using SKYPE or WHATSAPP VIDEO CALL and so on. Once you teach the one who wants to learn over any topic, you will get pre-agreed payment for your service. You can teach as many as students as per your time and capacity and earn accordingly.​


Smart phones have taken very important place in your routine life. Today almost everyone is having their personal mobile phones. And so it has become very popular source for marketing, publicity and income also. You can from using smart phone very easily if you know the ways to earn a lot. For example many companies are paying you for just swiping your screen to unlock your phone. When you are not using your phone and when it is in idle mode, but obviously your screen will be off. So when it is off you will see some screensaver or so floating or fixed on your screen if you have allowed your phone to display screensaver. The story starts here. Once you get register with the company who deals in this, they will just show you some advertisements over your idle screen, and once you see it and swipe to unlock, you will be paid once you reach minimum payout level, which is vary from apps to apps and company to company. This is just one single example how to earn by using your smart phone, but there are plenty of ways to earn by it. There are apps who pays you only for reading their emails, or by watching their clients’ brands’ advertisements on your screen, or there are websites and apps who pay you just for installing some apps and delete if you don’t like after that, or some pay you for playing games also. You can find many like these from Google Search Engine or from Google play Store


If you have passion for photography and have original collection of photos and arts, than you can use it to earn online also. There are many websites like SHUTTERSTOCK.COM or FOTOLIA.COM or ISTOCKPHOTO or PHOTOBUCKET who provides platforms to sell your photos online.


These days portals like OLX and QUIKR are becoming source of income more apart from service portal. May people earns by many online service portals like these. For example latest trend on these sort of website are like selling currency notes with certain number print on it like 786 notes. Many are selling 100 RR INR currency notes for 1000 RS INR and they getting it also from buyers who holds same beliefs about these numbering notes. You can also sell here from furniture to coins to unique things to toys to anything like that. You can offer such things on these website online and if you find any buyer who is looking for same things, he will pay you the agreed mentioned price via that portal and you will get the same amount in your pocket. To learn know how about it you can go through this concept buy using those sites and gain knowledge to earn online.


In today’s busy world, Virtual Assistance to robots to online service providing business is expanding rapidly. If you have certain type of expertise or talent or knowledge about something which is being looked by someone staying nearby, in same city or continent far away, you can provide him / them your service and can get payment against that. When you provide your service online to them (virtually ) you are called virtual assistance. Many things can be done by virtual assistance like Website maintaining on behalf of your client, counselling, writing, proof reading, web and other codings, app or web development and or assisting the clients as per their requirement without being present there physically. You can present yourself virtually online and render your service as per contract and once you accomplish the deal, the client will pay you for that. There are different type of virtual services which you can use it to help your clients so to earn yourself a money virtually.


In today’s time, stock market is most popular medium of earning if you have some knowledge and study about it. This is best profession and source of income whether you provide service as stock broker or play as a client or deal in shares in any ways. If you have right decision skill, knowledge about world markets, stocks and such related skills, you can also easily earn in stock market. But it really needs proper skill, confidence, good timing, risk taking capacity, knowledge and little or more fund to invest and trade. In India there are many platforms and brokers who provides services to trade in stock markets like Angel Broking, Kotak Securities and many more. You can become main stock broker like them or you can tie up with them and become their sub broker and you can earn if any of your client trades on their own by using your reference. Otherwise you can become client and open the trading account.​

WWW.THEWORLDSTOCKMARKETS.COM is very useful and helpful site to earn daily from stock markets.

​We hope this article is helpful and useful for you. We will keep you posting and update on this topic.​


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