November 28, 2021

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How to create a page in share chat

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Chat Data. We collect the content of any communications between you and another user, when you use any chat feature on the Platform. This is stored on your device and the devices of the users that you have sent communications to. However, we do not monitor your chat data, take any action based on your chat data or disclose it to any third party.

, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

Technically, it’s just a title for the chat itself, but it means if you chat with the same people, but about different on-going topics, then you won’t end up with one long, never-ending chat stream. Each group chat will have its own group name.

A new document window, titled Live Share Chat, will automatically open to the side. This window provides you with an integrated chat channel that is scoped to the guests in your collaboration session. If you close the window, you can always re-open it by clicking the Chat Channel node in the Live Share Session Details view (as displayed below).

Please note that this is not the behavior I am seeing: “When you do choose to share chat history, note that in addition to chats being shared, permissions will be granted to documents previously shared to the chat, too.” You’ll have to reshare (the same) Documents in the Chat for people who were invited later to have them be able to use them. If you don’t they will get an access denied message when clicking on the documents.

Like the chat history, any files shared will still be shared after you remove the person from the chat. If you want to remove their access, then you’ll need to find the file in question in your OneDrive for Business Teams Chat Files folder, select Shared and then from the permission list choose Stop Sharing.

We have a group chat at work and important info is posted on there. If I don’t look back in the chat I don’t know a new chat or notices have come through, why,,, Also colleagues post important files that require action. I find it difficult to find these or even know they have been sent. Please advise

Hi, How does it work with deleting a group chat? I cant see any options to delete it, only remove members. I would like to delete a whole group chat with chat content and files.

By ANI NEW DELHI: Ushering into the new age of rising user demands, ShareChat, fast growing vernacular social media app, on Monday, announced the launch of three new features – ‘Private Messaging’, ‘Shake-N-Chat’, and ‘Open Tagging’. Based on a survey undertaken by ShareChat on User Meet-up in 2017 across six Indian cities, more than 88 percent of ShareChat users wanted a Private Messaging feature on their social media platform. Against this insight, ShareChat developed a feature which allows users to send private messages without having to switch to an alternative app. The ‘Private Messaging’ feature is designed to encourage one to one communication in Indian languages among the vernacular internet users of India. Additionally with the ‘Open Tagging’ feature, users are allowed to create tags and post relevant content under these user generated tags. The most engaging and trending user-generated tags will be visible in the “explore” section of the platform. “Over the years, we have observed that many users shift to other direct messaging apps for privacy purposes. ShareChat is a unique platform which connects users with similar interests resulting in relevant and meaningful discussions. The launch of new features like Private Messaging and Shake-N-Chat strengthens the platform’s social experience between both known and unknown users. We are very excited to launch these new features and are confident that they will resonate with users,” said Sunil Kamath, chief business officer, ShareChat. “Users have responded better than our expectation with the launch of Open Tagging feature. Users are actively creating diverse tags on the latest events and posting relevant content around the theme,” said Shashwat Chandra, senior product manager, ShareChat. ShareChat takes into account the everyday need of digital content and infotainment of first-time web users in their own preferred dialect. It enables users with an environment where individuals can express their sentiments, showcase their talents, discuss trends and meet new individuals with similar interests. Today, ShareChat has a total 30 million unique registered users on the platform. (ANI)

Public content i.e. any content you post on your user profile or on another user’s profile, such as a post comment, is accessible to everyone, including search engines. Any information you voluntarily disclose for posting to the Platform, including your profile page information, is accessible to anyone. When you submit, post or share the content that you choose to make public, on the Platform, it may be re-shared by others. You should consider who you choose to share it with, because people who can see your activity on our Platform can choose to share it with others on and off our Platform, including people outside the audience you shared it with. For example, when you share a post or send a message to specific users of our Platform or accounts, they can download or re-share that content with other users across or off our Platform. Also, when you comment on someone else’s post or like their content, your comment or like is visible to anyone who can see the other person’s content.

When you share content and communicate using our Platform, you choose the audience for what you share. For example, when you post any content from our Platform on Facebook, you select the audience for the post, such as a friend, a group of friends or all of your friends. Similarly, when you use WhatsApp or any other application on your mobile device to share the content on our Platform, you choose who you share the content with. We do not control and shall not be liable for the manner, in which such persons (with whom you choose to share content via any sharing options, such as WhatsApp or Facebook, available on the Platform) use the information that you share with them.

This is okay, but for large teams, it causes 2 list of access to maintain, group chat and the teams. Replies are missing, which is a big problem. All can be used which is helpful, since we can’t use all in the public channels it goes to everyone. I don’t want my large teams to have several file areas, I use the Teams general channel and tell them NOT to put files in a private chat. files will get lost.

To stir things up, they got people to ‘chat fight’ about who the number one Khan in Bollywood was. Alas, neither SRK nor Salman was able to ignite enough passion and they had to tank the project but not before they had 32,000 sign ups and a realisation that these were people who were ready to chat online but in their local language.

This one bit me today, very annoying. We wanted to loop another engineer into a detailed 1:1 chat. When I tried Adding them, I didn’t see any options for sharing history, and it ended up switching the open chat to an older one between the three of us.

SynopsisThe ShareChat account is another initiative by the police to effectively leverage social media platforms. AgenciesThe first post of the city police on Share-Chat had a reach of over 4 lakh, a police official said.BENGALURU: Last week, Bengaluru City Police became the first police force in the country to start an account on the social media app, ShareChat. A police personnel from the 12-member team handling all social media operations said their first post on ShareChat had a reach of over 4 lakh. The ShareChat account is another initiative by the police to effectively leverage social media platforms.

They have used these platforms to take note of complaints, act on them, create awareness and educate the citizens. “The ShareChat account was created so that users could communicate in regional languages too, especially in Kannada,” the member from the social media team said. The member said that the police response to any complaint or grievance raised on any platform is always fast as a dedicated team worked on it at all times. Former DG and IGP of Karnataka, ST Ramesh, welcomed the move to create an account on ShareChat. He said the use of social media by the police had helped them communicate better with citizens. “It has helped the police to lodge complaints and grievances, check their veracity and take corrective action. They can also monitor what is going on in the city,” the former DG said. Ramesh said the campaign has also helped the police in supervision, educating the public, for example about traffic rules, and creation of awareness.

Explaining how it works, deputy commissioner of poilce (North) N Shashikumar said a social media monitoring cell forwards complaints to the nearest jurisdictional officer by tagging the person, or if the issue is major, by informing them directly. “The advantage here is that it could lead to faster resolution of issues and also help complainants maintain their anonymity if they want to. These platforms are a means to get closer to people and that has been accomplished,” the DCP said. One disadvantage, the DCP said, was that sometimes trivial issues are exaggerated, and so citizens should raise issues responsibly. A member of Whitefield Rising said though many issues highlighted on social media got a quick response online, no action on the ground was undertaken. Speaking specifically about Mahadevpura, the member said some of the area’s major traffic issues — like movement of heavy vehicles during the day — had been repeatedly highlighted, but no action was seen.

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