April 13, 2021

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SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

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What Students Are Saying About Guaranteed Income, Team Sports in a Pandemic and the Return of Live Events

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, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

I think that team sports should start, but only some of them. Sports like soccer, baseball, and other outdoor sports are fine. The kids probably don’t need to wear masks unless they are in the dugout, sideline, or in groups. Indoor sports such as Basketball and volleyball should continue, but with mask-wearing the entire time. Finally, sports like wrestling should be canceled because of the close body contact. I played soccer last fall, but only a partial season with no games. Indoor soccer was canceled so I couldn’t play that. Now I am playing soccer this spring. It is supposed to be a full season, games and all.

Elliot, Ohio

For many student-athletes, it is more than just a game for them. School sports can help a lot with other problems such as mental health and stress. The act of school sports being canceled can trigger some student’s mental health. This act can also lead to many student opportunities beyond school as wasted potential. Many students are losing the ability to play in their senior season which makes many colleges back away from giving potential scholarships. In my personal opinion, I think they should allow sports to continue school sports. Innocent students should not lose their season due to being in a pandemic. There can be some restrictions but should not be canceled altogether.

Jeff, Cass High School

Allowing people to start sports again, especially young students allows somewhat a sense of normalcy in our lives and if the team is safe and mandates masks, I believe sports should start up again … For many students, this may be a way for them to reconnect with old friends from their old team that they weren’t able to see during the pandemic as well.

Jenna, Valley Stream North High School

For many athletes, a sports scholarship is the only opportunity for them to afford and attend college, and without this opportunity, their future is on the line. Furthermore, students miss the ability to play their sports and be in a team setting, which can be one of the happiest environments for them. It is extremely important for adolescents to enjoy their high school experience and have something to look forward to. Their grades and overall mental and physical health could also be significantly improved. As mentioned by Willandria Middleton, the virus can definitely cause major harm to the athletes and families, but being held back from doing what they love can be just as harmful.

Samantha, Valley Stream North High School

I don’t think that team sports should take place this year. If team sports started back up again, a strong Covid-19 would attack us. This stronger virus is called a variant. If a variant was created then we would have to start from scratch all over again. The Covid vaccine would practically be useless because it wouldn’t work on the variant. I don’t think that team sports are responsible enough to be playing sports yet. I know that they would get to exercise and interact/socialize with their friends, but the virus literally killed half a million Americans!!! Imagine if there was a variant that was created just because someone wanted to exercise with their friends. Lots of people would die just because of one person’s ignorance.

C., Bronx, New York

Although I understand the impatience to resume sports from student-athletes like myself, I do not think that America has got COVID-19 under control even considering the rapid vaccine rollout. America has been averaging well over 50,000 cases for the past several months, which is absolutely unacceptable for the richest country in the world. Furthermore, even though the vulnerable communities have already received the vaccine that does not mean that we are anywhere near able to return to “normal” pre-Covid life. In fact, we still have several months, possibly until next year, before we can stop wearing masks and congregate in large crowds. This is why, unfortunately, I believe sports should not continue because not only do they bring together lots of individuals together in a congested area but a lot of them, specifically team sports, involve contact through which COVID can spread very easily, and I don’t think that any student-athlete wants to infect innocent individuals because of their intense craving to play sports.

Rishi, Ontario, Canada

On one side, closing down games and practices will prevent gatherings and; thus, the further proliferation of the coronavirus. On the other hand, sports provide a banner to rally under in these trying times; they unite us, bring us emotion, make us human. Grievously, we cannot allow ourselves the luxury of large gatherings. The logistics necessary to practice group sports in a safe manner such as volleyball, soccer, and football are, melancholy, unattainable. The COVID pandemic still rages on and, now more than ever, we must withstand the trials of isolation. Hopefully, thanks to mutual cooperation, we’ll soon be able to cheer on our brethren as they score a remarkable touchdown or goal. Until then, we must do our part to quell this horrible disease and must always remember: stay safe!

Arthur, American School of Recife

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