July 31, 2021

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SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

[How to] open col financial account

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, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs
, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

building usually starts via food column

that was before but thanks to technology

investing has been so easy with just a

click of your mouse or a tap on your

phone you could already start investing

in the stock market via online brokers

so in today’s video I’m gonna highlight

one online broker that I’ve been using

since 2013 and that is called financial

opening a call Financial is simply like

opening a book now call Financial has

been so adaptable in this changing times

and applications be more convenient

Lenna now you can apply and fund your

account even at the comfort of your

hoops with that said let’s dive in the

step number one which is the register

online at call financial calm so I’m

gonna share to you my screen so we’re

accessing call financials website we

click on open an account and you have

two options on how to register but for

now let’s focus on the easier way which

is to sign up online note that you will

be needing the following requirements

one valid government-issued ID a blank

paper with your three specimen signature

a Philippine bank account detail your

SSS GSIS number or CRN frado’s with you

mid you’re a thin and birth certificate

for those below eighteen years old then

get started you’ll be directed to the

online securities trading agreement so

read through this and click on agree a

few of you on this one

then you need to input your

identification details and then click on

some reCAPTCHA and then you will be

receiving an email verification and then

on that email you need to click on the

link and then you’ll be redirected to a

new window to fill up your details so

you could select which account type you

want either individual joint or IPF but

for now let’s click on individual so you

need to put your personal information on

professional information and additional

information and FATCA disclosures your

financial and investment profile your

client suitability assessment this is to

know what level of risk you can take

either be conservative moderate or

aggressive and then input also your

withdrawal information I think you can

input any of your philippine bank

account in here then you need to take a

photo of your ID with three specimen

signature in the black paper you

previously signed if the signature is in

the back part of your ID you need to

take a photo of that as well then take a

selfie while holding your ID so see

everything’s done online

debbye so then click on submit and then

congratulations you’ve accomplished your

call account opening form the new

receive an email to acknowledge your

application the second step is to find

your call financial account before you

can fund your account you need to

receive an email like this one first so

once you receive this email your account

is pre-approved and is ready for funding

so you can fund your account

in four ways first is through online

bills payment second is through

over-the-counter your bills payments

among a banks some it is through call

business centers and fourth is through

overseas remittance for our OFWs my

personal recommendation is the online

bills payment platform for back such as

VBO BPI Metro bath AUB China bath

robinson’s bank and you get back just

enroll call financial as one of your

builders in your respective online

accounts of your preferred back so your

subscriber Nino is your

name in their subscriber number is your

call account number Nana receive no say

email you but you have to remove the –

producer with no online banking the

second best option is to do

over-the-counter bills payment through

this fax step number three confirm your

account via video conference call

remember now you account know is still

pre-approved so you have to set a video

conference call with call Financial so

that they could verify you as ad account

owner so please expect an email like

this one to schedule your video call

with them remember that it’s important

for you to accomplish this step because

you may start buying stocks but you

cannot withdraw with them if you haven’t

done this step it takes around three

days to one week before you could set an

appointment with them so make sure that

you do this right away after you receive

your email the fourth step is to log in

to your account once you’re done with

your funding call financial will send

you your temporary password in your

email like this one once you receive

this email you can log in at call

financial comm with your username which

is your 8-digit Nessa Nessa in your and

the previous email plus this temporary

password make sure that you first change

your password since this is a

system-generated one as mentioned in the

first step you could already start

accessing your account and even start

buying stocks even if indica put a post

with your video conference call because

I remember it takes three days to one

week to set an appointment with them so

that’s okay but again hindi kalamaja

with enough funds if you want to unless

you’re done with step number thing the

fifth step is for you to start investing

or buying stocks

you could either go for short-term

trading or long term investing but I

would not focus on short-term trading in

this video because as a beginner I don’t

recommend diving into short-term trading

because this involves a lot of

fundamental and technical analysis that

you need to learn over time but if you

think you are equipped enough to do this

you have all the Liberty to do so so

make sure to subscribe on my channel to

watch out for my video about the

difference between fundamental analysis

and technical analysis but now I want to

focus on long-term investing or doing

call financials easy investment program


what is he IP e IP is a simple and easy

way of investing in the stock market in

the long run through the time-tested

strategy of peso-cost averaging so

basically Magee invest chaos is on blue

chip companies or young established nano

companies Afeni cannula in the stream

then you’re going to invest a fixed

amount of money for a fixed interval for

X number of years so let’s make Spain

further and share to you my screen and

show you how to schedule any IP let’s go

so this is call financials platform

let’s click on trade and then e IP

scheduler so we can set up a schedule

for our new Diep so let’s say like a

blue chip company in a neural net and

for easy investment program

what I love about call Financial is that

they have suggested companies you can do

peso-cost averaging with so these are

the examples of blue chip companies as

suggested by call financial let’s select

for example BDO then we set a fixed

amount of 4,000 pesos on a fixed

interval so you can choose either weekly

monthly quarterly or semi-annually let’s

click on monthly then we click on the

start date let’s say example June 24

then select the duration so it could

either it be six months one year two

years three years it depends on you

so let’s first click two years so for

the order mode you can choose whether

automatic or manual but let’s click

manual so that you can check it every

month click on submit

so you’ll be investing for a fixed

amount of 4,000 pesos for a fixed

interval which is monthly starting June

23 and will last for two years so I do

this the stock market prices goes up and

down every day right so since you are

investing periodically you get an

average price every time you buy per

month this is how we set up the

time-tested strategy of peso-cost

averaging I don’t want to overload you

guys with a lot of numbers today that’s

why I want you to hit the subscribe

button as I share on my next video the

exciting and in-depth concept of

peso-cost averaging simple as that you

are now set to invest in the stock

market if you have additional questions

on how to open a call financial account

feel free to comment down below and I

will answer your questions

I hope you can finally jump-start your

stock market investing through these

five easy steps again this is BC

reminding you to bloom where you are

planted see you on the next video bye


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