September 20, 2021

SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

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, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs
, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

minutes so hence the confirmations dimes

also take a little bit of longer than

expected because approximately 3

confirmations are required average need

to do a transaction but you know I’m not

that very technical but if I understand

this correctly

whenever the difficulty is so high that

it takes off around 13 hours this coin

is going to correct itself that is going

to get near to the

minute average strong time so as you can

see things have not settled down yet so

it still can go to any direction here

with Bitcoin cash and in case you missed

out yesterday I wanted to do a live

stream because my friends lose yes for

motivation interviewed me by a his

channel via a live stream and for me it

was the first time to do it so I tried

it as well but only my voice came

through and not the voice of yes for

motivation so in the end I’ve downloaded

this video and I’ve read up load it


so you can watch this video of yesterday

it’s a long video or 15 minutes


but I’ve also added some time lapse in

the description so you can go to the

various topics that we have discussed so

if you want to know a little bit more

how I started with cryptocurrency what

my background is about our talks on iota

nem and shares etc I would recommend to

watch this video so today I wanted to

focus a little bit on an article that I

read between the battle of aetherium vs.

gos and if you recall a little bit more

than over a month ago I already made a

video which was called I guess – any

Theory immerses Bitcoin and iOS where I

already explained that gos might be a

significant Challenger of Imperium due

to the features that they promise with

their technology so the battle began on

reddit rapid Dalek responded on a post

of someone that indicated that us is

superior above aetherium in terms of

transactions and flexibility

Vitalik responded on the post and it

dissed us by making some technical

assumptions on issues regarding us as a


then Larimer the creator of a OS

responded back

on that so what are my thoughts on this

if we look at the pros of idiom it will

be difficult for any type of all the

technology to gain as much potential use

of adoption since they are ready backed

off by the enterprise material alliance

which has grown to over 150 companies

that are currently exploring the

possibilities of its area and that only

give them a competitive advantage

compared to the rest then on the

negative side of things regarding

aetherium repair iam is facing

scalability issues and they asked to

improvement plans on the roadmap to

resolve this of course over time but as

long as that is not fixed yet there is

always room for competition then of

course whenever it comes to solidity the

program language of the Tyrian at this

point of time is still a niche so

there’s only a handful of developers

that master the language which of course

is again an advantage for other

competitors that are focusing on generic

program languages to integrate

blockchain in case you didn’t know then

Larimer is also the one that is

responsible for bitshares and steam in

just a small fact where you guys know

the transaction volume of scheming and

bitshares combined so fast is already

all the transactions of Bitcoin and

aetherium combined so we can say from

that perspective that from a technical

side of things in terms of scalability

those two platforms are superior over

aetherium but then again

gos has not been created yet but we

might assume that it will be very

similar of course so from that


gos might have

competitive advantage gos can also be

considered as an operating system for


mm-maybe EOS stands for aetherium

operating system that’s just a joke of

course so the good thing about this is

the developers only need to think about

business logic and do not need to worry

about any blockchain programming because

that is already built in into the

operating system so that already takes

away a lot of hassle for a programmer

then the disadvantage of course then I

need to refer back to the traction that

iam already has with the enterprise

deuterium Alliance

so for iOS to go to market they really

need to have the interesting business

development if they want to get the same

traction as the game is having at the

moment so in a nutshell although on


gos might be the superior technology

over it Arian it still has to prove

itself and both need to prove themselves

actually but at this point of time the

darién and the competitive advantage in

terms of expected user adoption by

corporates in terms of commercial user

adoption and we all know that it doesn’t

necessarily need to be that the most

superior technology wins it in the end

so that’s it for today thanks again for

watching peace out

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