October 17, 2021

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SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

Why Should I Consider an IT Career in Insurance?

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, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

You may think insurance is just about selling policies and assessing risk – but it takes a lot of technology to keep everything running behind the scenes.

From data scientists to software engineers, Information Technology (IT) jobs can be found in every industry – even insurance. At Erie Insurance, our IT professionals leverage technology to help improve customer experience, protect against cyber threats and maintain software used across the company.

Whether you’re considering a change or just beginning your career, here are a few reasons to consider an IT position in the insurance industry.

What types of IT jobs are in insurance?

Technology plays a crucial role in connecting the policyholder to the right ERIE employee or agent when they need them most. Whether it’s app development, computer system management or network security, IT professionals are a vital function in the insurance industry.

Here are some common roles you’ll discover in IT:

  • Software Engineer: IT professionals with a mind for computer engineering and software development. These are the coders who help build applications, connect programs and computer systems, and specialize in data.
  • ITAdministrator: These experts keep the lights on and the data flowing at ERIE. An administrator will specialize in one of several domains such as servers, networks, storage, middleware, database, unified communications or monitoring.
  • ITAnalyst: It’s hard to narrow down what exactly an IT analyst does. At ERIE, our analysts range from data to systems experts. Each analyst specializes with a unique set of skills and communicates with our software engineers, project managers, business analysts and leaders to connect all the different computer systems and deliver technology solutions for each department.
  • ProjectManager: Consider yourself a leader or problem solver? Project managers help plan and monitor company-wide initiatives like software development or network updates.

Why join the insurance industry?

“Erie Insurance is a relationship company,” said David Edgerton, senior vice president of IT at ERIE. “We use technology to build the best relationships possible for all the different people we serve.”

At its core, insurance is about protecting people. Accidents happen, and it’s our job to help people get back on their feet.

A career in insurance has a lot of other perks, too:

  • Stability: As long as people buy homes, drive cars and run businesses, they’ll need insurance to protect them from risks.
  • Opportunity: The insurance industry has opportunities for nearly every skill set. Maybe IT is your passion… or maybe you discover you want to move over to risk management or become an agent. The possibilities for career development within the insurance industry are endless.
  • Benefits:At ERIE, our benefits go beyond the basics. And according to P&C Specialist and Glassdoor, we have some of the highest-ranking benefits within the industry. Learn more about benefits at ERIE.

How to get started in IT

Believe it or not, you don’t have to daydream about coding or have the most up-to-date computer to begin your career in IT.

“There is no one personality trait that unifies all IT professionals. People of all different backgrounds can be a great team member,” Edgerton said. “At ERIE, we are all working together to help the policyholder. That willingness to work as a team is really important.”

At ERIE, we welcome a variety of professional backgrounds and technical experience. Most, but not all, IT positions require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business, management, information systems or IT, as well as specific technical skills and experience. It’s never too late to pursue a degree or take extra courses to hone your skills. Consider earning relevant IT or project management certifications to help you stand out among candidates.

Haven’t graduated yet? Consider an apprenticeship or internship to add extra experience to your résumé. That real-world experience also gives you a peek at what working in IT is all about.

ERIE offers a variety of paid internships for students each year, which offers challenging opportunities for students to gain relevant and real-world business experience at a Fortune 500 company. Learn more about our Future Focus internship program.

Find your IT career at ERIE

At ERIE, we’ve always been focused on our customers and how we can help them the most. That means cultivating relationships with our policyholders, employees and agents.

While technology continues to evolve, ERIE is committed to our founding purpose: “Never lose the human touch.” Our people – employees and agents – are what sets us apart

“We are looking to be Above All in Service,” Edgerton said. “When you have technology as a tool to achieve that – and hardworking employees – then amazing things are possible.”

Think ERIE might be for you? Our IT team is located at our home office in Erie, Pennsylvania, and we’re always looking to add new members to our ERIE family.

Many of our IT positions offer relocation assistance to help make moving as smooth as possible. Learn about what makes Erie such a great place to live and check out all of our current IT career opportunities.

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