October 18, 2021

SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel? | Increase in Revenue

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, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

This article is for YouTubers, who want to learn about How to Grow Your YouTube channel and drive more views every day?

Nowadays, YouTube channel creation is one of the trend-setting hobbies among youngsters and teenagers.

Once upon a time videos simply stand as the memory corner to just turn back and recollect our past events.

But, in recent days, current interactive sessions and creative ideas are easily broadcasting across the world through YouTube.

It is a common platform for fun, innovativeness, showcase your talent as well as a superb online earning platform to all.

From a techie to an enthusiastic adult all can use this vibrant platform to earn money.

, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

Nearly 6 million hours of videos are frequently watched by the viewers of YouTube.

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It is a busy video platform that offers the global reach and the usage access available in 76 languages.

Due to the familiarity, the usage of the channel is rapidly increasing among youngsters. Especially, the ages of 18-34.

To get wide exposure for your business extension and professional growth youtube is a wonderful platform that easily reaches your right audience.

While considering the unrestricted and most economic platform for online money-making, YouTube comes first in the list.

Promoting your business and posting your money earning ideas on YouTube is a simple model of advertising than other paid promotions.

When you have a clear-cut idea of the content, promote it for the right viewers gives you the success in the podium of Youtube.

The world of youtube is not a complex one. How we create, use and share the video will change your earning way in video marketing?

How to Create a YouTube channel?

Hope you got interested to create your own YouTube Channel. Here we offer step by step guide to creating a YouTube channel.

Gmail Account

Any individual who wants to start a YouTube channel should have a Gmail account. Then, visit YouTube.com and click create an account.

Your Gmail account is just a way opener. The submitted account and its details will not publicly be connected to the YouTube channel

This busy platform can be used for both personal usages as well as for the promotion of branding your business.

For your personal use of YouTube the individual only access the channel without other’s intervention.

But, a brand account can be a common thing. So, these accounts are customized with the option of access sharing.

Find your Niche

There are a lot of genres (Niche) that are available to start a new channel. Such as food, travel, fun, tech are the major niches available on YouTube.

The primary step in starting a YouTube starts from a suitable niche selection.

YouTube is the general platform for different types of passion, hobbies, and professionals.

So, in order to be clear in content and to get more views, the right niche is very essential.

Demanding, user-targeting niche selection will easily reach more audiences.

Channel Setup

The process of creating your YouTube Channel after registering your account is very simple.

Go to the official site of Youtube (youtube.com) and sign in using your existing Gmail Account.

Click on your profile and select “Create a Channel”. Select your personal or custom brand account.

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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel?

Creating a YouTube channel is easy but making money from these videos is a difficult process.

There are lots of work involved right from making the videos to generating revenue.

A successful journey of a YouTube channel lies on multiple factors. So, they need to clear and right.

Channel’s goals, content, reach and overall framework are the key factors for a successful channel.

A potential reach of a YouTube channel starts from interesting, appropriate, and emerging content posting on Social Media.

To be elaborate the following factors need to cross-check while promoting a channel.

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Find a good topic for YouTube plays a crucial part to grow your YouTube Channel.

Before selecting a topic do a lot of research as you can. A fresh Youtuber need to spend more time, especially on topic selection.

There are many different types of Topics are available, but you should stick with one based on your interest.

Topic selection will gather more similar audiences who have a deep interest in the topic like you.

Don’t mess up too many topics in a single session. Offering perfect flow with appropriate subtopics will easily increase the curiosity of the content.

When the viewer moving to the next video it will organize familiarity and easily built the flow of continuity. The tone of the topic must be cool, casual, and easy to understand

That easily helps your audience to get with your idea and offer even more likes for your valuable idea on this topic.

Try to cover the topic as no one is doing before. If you follow this at your channel the reach is abundant if your channel is a new one.

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2. Use Premium (Video Editing) Softwares

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The next part that helps to grow your YouTube Channel is the right use of the Video Editing software or tools.

You cannot directly upload the videos to your channel. You should do some editing works in your videos to make it more personalized and engaging.

For example, if you shooting a training video, you should add your contact information at the bottom of the video.

This can be done only by editing the video after the shoot.

Also, you can add some intro patches at the beginning of your video, and the end of the session may include offers or services of your business.

For this purpose, you should find any affordable video editing software to edit your videos before its publication.

I recommend using Windows Media Maker, Flimora, Semrush and other latest tools will offer clarity video.

3. Go Live on YouTube

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Educational, Entertainment, informative videos, and advertisement videos are common types of YouTube.

People are most likely to watch videos where they can see real humans in the video. The mere usage of animation will not offer all the necessary information.

Making a video for your business or other professional growth on YouTube will certainly money consuming process.

To ease the money-making process, and fastly boost your Youtube channel, Go-live is the best option.

Now a day real and spontaneous set of videos are mostly gaining its attention among the YouTubers.

According to the survey, cartoon creation and musical backgrounds are not producing effectiveness than the live one.

In the process of Live streaming, users will easily consume the content on time and getting first-hand knowledge in the telecast.

Trust and confidence are easily gaining through the live streams. Further, it is like the natural communication between man to man which is the most preferable choice from the audience.

For example, if the channel relating to the education field, the simple background of the chart board and solving a problem is more vibrant.

4. Optimize Video Title and Description

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After the completion of topic selection and video shoot. Optimizing the video plays an important role.

To understand the content of video and improvisation of ranking depends on video optimization.

The title of the video and video description are the central things that easily helps to optimize the video.

For the wide visibility among the Search Engines, proper optimization tactics are applicable for YouTube Channels too.

Central elements like Keyword, Title, and Meta descriptions need to be featured before posting your video.

  • The keyword plays a potential part in listing the video. If the title and keyword closely match it will automatically appear while search.
  • YouTube is a well-matured platform that offers a maximum of three keywords to ease the search and increase visibility.
  • The proper title setting of your channel easily ranks your video. Try to convey an exact idea to your viewers about what they’re going to see.
  • Place your primary keyword at the beginning of the description field.

Optimizing your video and the overall channel depending on this keyword placement.

  1. Try to limit your title with the limitation of 60 characters. More extension will not keep your video in the search result.
  2. A long narrative and thorough description of your video should carry at least 150 words to post on YouTube.

YouTube SEO is a different stream to calculate all these above-mentioned structures to boost your ranking.

5. Usage of Proper Hashtags for your Video

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Tagging your video to its related topic, and related keyword will easily reach more number of audiences on YouTube.

Try to shoot the video with the primary keyword and often renaming the video with a related keyword gets more visibility.

Other than that, fixing the right tags as in order is the best part and helps for easy optimization of your video.

Categorize the video in the proper topic and using the appropriate niche is influential at the search result.

Don’t tag the videos in irrelevant areas, as it will decrease the reach of the video. In fact, such ideas might be penalized.

Direct questions are now trendy on YouTube. Instead of long narrative answers, the videos will appear as a straight answer.

The fusion of Common keyword and using long-tail keyword in question format will easily get its reach on YouTube.

Proper tag usage will allow the viewer to know and make more familiar with the video which is going to be published.

6. Create an Attractive Video Thumbnails

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Thumbnail images are more appropriate ones to the subject and content of the video, then only it can get more views.

Commonly, while scrolling a YouTube channel the image is the primary eyecatcher of the video.

Irrelevant thumbnail images certainly spoil regular views and traffic.  Then the video easily moves out of the search list.

Preparing the professional design of thumbnails is strongly recommended if you are planning to grow your YouTube Channel.

  • To offer a professional outlook and stand among all the other youtube channels thumbnail is one of the essential factors.
  • Nowadays many ready-made thumbnails are ready to use with easy customization of text, alignment, and background images.
  • Taking stills or photographs from the live video will offer the natural tendency to the Video and easily get more likes.

While using proper thumbnails it will easily be placed on the search engine result paged and produce maximum impressions.

1280 x 720 pixels is the optimal size to produce effective results while using in the YouTube players and previews.

7. How Many Videos Can Publish in a Week?

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There is no restriction for posting your videos on Youtube. If you wish you could post as many as you can.

Sometimes, regular posting on your channels may lose the targetted audience. So try to give some space.

To keep your subscribe´s visit your channel repeatedly, do not provide a long break for publication of successive videos.

Consistent publication offer high-traffic to the channel.

The well-known YouTubers and topmost youtube channels are planning their posting schedule.

For maintaining a stable balance of channel, three days once or weekly once publish a video is enough one.

Post the videos on a weekly basis and try to analyze the views, traffic according to the videos on YouTube.

Sometimes the effective video will lack its audience and their traffic while posting more videos than a single video.

Try to avoid the outdated content with low quality and not reproduce the content which is already published.

Posting the videos need to live and an apt one for the current scenario, then only it will get more reach in the search process.

8. Build a Strong Relationship on YouTube

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Creating connections with the other fellow YouTuber always produce a positive outcome of your channel growth.

Initially promote your Channel with family members and friends to set a strong familiarity.

The close circle will easily recommend your YouTube channel to other friends and business members related to your circle.

More than your friend’s circle, genuine followers will easily find you through your valuable video content.

Try to answer the questions from your fellow followers and try to maintain a friendly tone in every corner.

Make a good bond with your fellow YouTubers and try to ask the question if you want and give your likes and comments.

It is one of the easy ways to increase visibility and grow your YouTube channel audiences. And get more traffic.

9. Promote on Social Media

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Social media support offering swift popularity and fast reach of YouTube channels to the viewers.

Bringing a lot of viewers and make them as frequent visitors are the apparent way to promote your channel.

Giving a short promo through Facebook, Twitter, and gist on Linkedin will increase the curiosity about your video.

Asking ideas from the senior YouTubers will be the easiest way and lead a free promotion for YouTube.

If they provide any replies try to post them under your brand name, it will easily arise and eager to watch your video.

Asking the question through E-mail and answering through E-mail regarding the video will increase rapport.

Conducting contests with puzzles relating to your video and arise a hint and find the answer from the followers are the best things.

Youtube channel can be promoted from all corners of social media without any restrictions. So, try to use them now!

Don’t simply stick on Social Media, try to gather a crowd from other portals too. It will easily encourage them to see your video.

10. Monetize YouTube Channel

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To showcase your innovative core or other valuable hobbies, YouTube publication is the best idea.

Before a decade there is no liberal platform like this. But nowadays we have YouTube channel-technology and we can take over more elements.

YouTube is a well-groomed portal offered the versatile chance of money making process through easy video publication.

Without the formal business setup, having an only innovative idea and implementation could earn your money from YouTube.

Just an informative video will offer the best online exposure and make you a famous celebrity without any additional pay.

YouTube is a universal portal common one for all. You could showcase & merchandise your skill and earn money with the only limit of 18+.

Advertiser friendly guidelines are often directly recommending from YouTube. Moreover, there are a lot of handpicking ideas on the Internet.

Channel memberships are offered for each Channel based on the likes and subscribers of your channel.

Integrated partnership programs of YouTube will easily generate a remarkable revenue only by your innovative video with other YouTubers.

Due to the heavy competition, you need to fasten and improve your  YouTube with the above-mentioned ideas.

How can I increase my YouTube Subscribers?

Massive growth and simple usage of this online portal offer a huge opportunity to all.

How do you generate your audience with innovative content? is the emerging demand in this YouTube world.

YouTube marketing strategies are swiftly varied from day by day. If you try a technique after a month it will be outdated.

It is the current scenario that replicates the rapid growth of the YouTube channel. Then how do the best on YouTube industry?

  1. Add more curiosity to your channel. Same to the same as films produce trailers and create a series of videos for your channel.
  2. If you are posting a video on a weekly basis, the next week must be more awaiting and offer excitement to its viewers.
  3. It is the platform you can mold yourself with your own creative idea. Building a strong audience base is viral on YouTube.
  4. Use your eye-catchy thumbnails which are more apt for your YouTube video release. Make all possible easy way for the subscription.

Last but not least, spare your most crucial time for your audience’s view. Try to offer what they expect and maintain a friendly tone.

Then what there is no place for perish!


Managing all these qualities and guidelines are seems to be complicated and time-consuming work.

YouTube has more viewers. Comparing to television YouTube always stands ahead in the viewer’s population.

Optimizing your channel will help your chances of being discovered by more viewers and other Youtubers.

Today’s smartphones offer excellent video quality and mostly ease your backend works for your channel promotion.

Plan to post your videos with a scheduled manner of posting at the same time of a day or a weekend.

Try to maintain the same consistency in each and every publication of the video will offer great success in Youtube channel running.

Then what else, the channel will automatically promote you and offer more population from subscribers!

Hope all these ideas will easily grow your Youtube channel and boost your revenue from YouTube. Start your online money earning with a YouTube channel Today.

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