September 22, 2021

SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

4 Ways to Optimize your Website for Voice Search

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, SEO, Wordpress Support & Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Legal, Etc Blogs

The use of voice search is only becoming more and more prevalent. Do you know if you’re optimizing for it? In this week’s video, we’ll discuss how to improve your website for both voice search and traditional search methods.


Welcome back to another Wednesday Workshop from DealerOn.

In case you missed it, mobile traffic has taken the lead over desktop traffic. As the capabilities of mobile phones and smart devices change, so does the way people search. For example, it’s estimated that soon more than 50% of all website sessions will be conducted via voice.

This can be pretty daunting to think about; so, today we are going to cover 4 ways to optimize your website for voice search.

Optimizing for voice search is somewhat unique versus traditional search. There are factors that affect your ability to rank with each type of search differently. The good news is, these 4 tactics will help you get more visibility for both SEO strategies.

First, make sure your website loads quickly, AND it’s mobile friendly– yep, that matters with voice search, too; perhaps even more than before.

You’ll want to keep your load time around three seconds or less. Optimizing things like images, compressing files and utilizing website caching are just a few ways to help get there.

Second, keep your content conversational. I cannot stress this enough: do not write for search engines. It won’t work!

Write the way that people speak, including longtail keywords and simple phrasing in your website copy. This is key for better visibility.

Third, concentrate on local search queries. More than 20% of voice searches include location information. Investing in local content can only help you more in this case.

Fourth, make sure your content is informational and answers a question. There is no need to create content for content’s sake, and writing that way just slows down your site and creates a mess for engines to crawl and categorize.

Informational content includes things like, tutorials, guides, customer service information and product information. Including this type of content on you core pages and FAQ pages will improve the likelihood that you show up for these types of queries. It could even earn you a coveted featured snippet!

 That’s all the time we have left for today’s workshop. As always, if you have questions or comments, leave ‘em down below, and we’ll get back to you shortly. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next week with another Wednesday Workshop from DealerOn.

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